A little dose of pessimism is good for entrepreneurs

Mostly entrepreneurs are advised to be optimistic and develop a positive approach. Many experts also claim that thinking positive is more beneficial for an entrepreneur than getting a couple of extra clients.

So is pessimism bad for entrepreneurs?

I came across an interesting article on MIT Slogan Management Review which says a little pessimism is a good thing. In fact, the expert claims that pessimism is useful on several fronts and that a healthy dose of pessimism can be very useful for entrepreneurs.

Another article on Psychology Today says,

Surprisingly, pessimism can be most helpful at the moments when we might seem to have the least to feel pessimistic about. When we’ve been successful before and have a realistic expectation of being successful again, we may be lulled into laziness and overconfidence. Pessimism can give us the push that we need to try our best.

Mostly, people are either optimist or they are pessimist. While I do believe that being optimist plays an important role during those initial 2 years in an entrepreneurs life, yet, being pessimist also helps sometimes.

I think the real benefit lies when entrepreneurs learn to mix and match their approaches depending upon the situation. So basically, they switch their modes from optimist to pessimist and vice-versa according the situation.

If you are an entrepreneur, have you ever benefited from being a pessimist? Do you agree that a little dose of pessimism is good for entrepreneurs?